January 10, 2007

A good Cause

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I’m doing this…. support me!


January 2, 2007

I miss Hawaii

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I’m going to be posting some shots from Hawaii…..


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I love New Years.  I’m the kind of person that looks at a glass half full, so when it comes to “fresh starts”, I’m all about that.  With that said here are my resolutions for 2007.

I limit it to only 4, or I could get carried away.

1) Personal – Sell Townhouse/Buy a house

2) Personal – 1 un-assisted pull-up

3) Professional – Will refrain from blogging this, I want to make sure I don’t get dooced.

4) Professional – Get kickboxing certified

December 28, 2006

absence makes the heart grow fonder….

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Dear Internet –

I’m sorry I have not written in such a long time. You see, there was the wedding, then the honeymoon, then the Holidays. Life has just been one big roller-coaster lately. However, I’m here to give you the run-down of all that you have missed.

The Wedding – November 18th, 2006

Everything was perfect! The flowers were gorgeous, the choir was outstanding, and the friends and family that attended warmed our hearts.  However, in true “knottie” fashion, here is my vendor report card:

1) Flowers – SPEND THE MONEY on them, if you love them. They flowers were one of my most favorite parts. My bouquet was Hydrangea, Roses and Green bells of Ireland. The colors matched everything and I have to give a shout-out to our florist. Christi from Flowers On the Green did an outstanding job. A+

2) Ceremony Music –  We decided to have a choir w/ the organist.  It really was spectacular.  However, organizing all of it was difficult.  It was totally worth it.  I would do it again in a heartbeat.  As a friend of mine (musician as well) said that night regarding the ceremony music “when you leave it up to us, it might be disorganized getting us together, but the end result will be FAB-U-LOUS”.  A

3) Dresses – The bridal suite did a great job with my dress.  However, I had a bridesmaid that measured herself wrong, and the seamstress at the shop (nyma) took in a dress from size 14 to a 6.  Amazing work.  Well done, and on time. A

4) DJ – The only part of my wedding I was extremely disappointed with.  We decided to go with a friend of the family, since we knew him, and I knew he would be able to keep the crowd happy.  However, 2 days before the wedding he calls to tell me that his wife was in a car accident.  Of course I was shocked and disappointed (worried about his wife as well!).  I did not expect that this might have happened 2-3 weeks ago and he just needed the weekend off.  This was completely unprofessional.  The DJ’s he sent in his absence sucked.  They mispronounced most of the names, and in fact said the wrong name of a groomsman.  Also they screwed up the songs, and really did not lead the crowd, or encourage dancing.  I could have done a better job.  D-

5) Reception Site/Caterer – The Guilford Yacht Club was gorgeous.  Everything fell into place and I didn’t have to worry about a thing.  Marissa was excellent and a sweetheart to work with.  However, we should have had our meal boxed up, we hardly ate two bites.  From what I have heard the food was awesome.  A-

6)  Limos – SEL – great service, and they fluffed my dress before I walked down the aisle.  A+

7) Hair/Make-up – Dana Bartone did a fantastic job.  My hair and makeup were perfect.  A++

8) Photographer – Lennard Leffand did a great job.  So far the pictures look awesome, just waiting to get the rest back.  My piece of advise here, is to take as many pictures prior to the reception as possible.  Once you get to the reception, only do the combined mother/father/in-law shots.  We spent so much time taking pictures with all the family that we ended up being 45mins late for our entrance.

9) Videographer – Breaking Branches Pictures also did a great job.  He blended into the background, and I barely noticed him.  We haven’t seen the video yet, but I’m sure it will be awesome.

I’ll provide a grade for the last two once I see more of the pictures.  If you want to check out the pictures (that guests took) from our wedding, see them here.

October 10, 2006

The next mozart?

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October 2, 2006


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I got a new flash for my NikonD70s.

September 14, 2006

80’s Spin

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Here is my profile/playlist from this past Wednesday’s class. I thought it went so well that I would post it.

Title: 80’s Spin

Energy Zone: Interval

Obejctive: Focus on Form and Interval training.
1. Warmup – Panama
2. Fast Loop – Kickstart My Heart
3. Seated Flat – Eye of the Tiger
4. Standing Flat – Abracadabra
5. Standing Climb – Sweet Dreams (Are Made of This)
6. Sprints – Jessie’s Girl
7. Jumps – Centerfold
8. Sprints w/ resistance – Pressure
9. seated flat – Addicted to Love
10. standing flat – Strict Machine
11. standing climb – Dream On (Live)
12. sprints – Rebel Yell
13. Jumps – Video Killed the Radio Star
14. Your choice – Invincible (Theme from “The Legend of Billie Jean”)
15. Cool Down – Tempted

If you want the artist of these songs, leave a comment 🙂 Happy Spinning!

September 11, 2006

The Claw

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One of my latest prizes from the Claw machine.

As you can see it’s not about to last much longer.

September 1, 2006


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If you know me, you know that when I find something I like. I just don’t like it, I LOVE it. I buy it in 10 different colors, I play with it constantly, and eat it until I’m bored with it. With that said, I thought I would list a few of my current obsessions.

1) Gokusen – Animated Version

I don’t know what it is about this show but I love it. I’m not into Japanese Anime or anything like that. But the show is funny. It’s about this Teacher who is from this hardcore gangster family. She is fulfilling her lifelong dream but can’t get away from her gangster instincts. I love the opening theme… totally obsessed. They only did 2 seasons, so I will probably watch all of them at once and lament over why they didn’t make more.

2) Spinning / Cycling

I love the indoor cycling. I’ve been doing classes for about 4 years now. However, I couldn’t just stop at taking them, I had to go get certified and now I teach them. I love teaching them so much, I now teach 4x a week PLUS I sub alot of extra classes.

3) Hoodies

I have them in 7 different colors, and actually 2 in the same color.

4) Itunes

I wouldn’t just list “music” because that is too general. I am obsessed with finding the next best song to workout to. Also anything they play on Grey’s Anatomy works for me as well.

5) Oatmeal with Blueberries

I know its the summer, but I’ve been eating this for breakfast for the past 3 weeks. I don’t know why, but its just that morning comfort food but it’s healthy.

This post came to me last night, when I was about to watch my 3rd episode of Gokusen. I can never just stop at one. So for now, I’ll keep listening to Sexyback, eat my breakfast while watching my favorite Japanese anime in my hoodie after spin class. It’s the little obsessions in life that make me happy 🙂

August 4, 2006

Calories don’t count when there is a Black-out

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I’ve been very focused on losing a few lbs before our wedding in November.  Since it takes me a really long time to lose weight, I have already started my Wedding bootcamp. It’s an insane workout regimen and I don’t intend to keep it up past November 18th.

Anyway, last night we lost power for almost 12 hours.  It was 9pm, hot, and we were all on edge.  There are not too many excuses I listen to while I’m training.  However, during  state-of-emergencies calories don’t really count.  I had reasoned with myself that due to the hot weather, and no AC, the amount of energy I was expending would cover the 150 calorie cookie I was about to consume.  As I took my first small bite (because cookies are a luxury, and this one was really soft and chewy) the electricity came back on.  No, I am not kidding, I know I can exaggerate at times but this isn’t one of them.

Perhaps that was divine intervention, keeping me on track.  Whatever it was, it worked, I only ate half of the cookie. Come on, that’s only 75 calories.  However, if the power went out we saved the other half just in case we needed some cookie-luck.

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